Meet our Teams!


Presentations begin in just a few hours and the eight remaining Honolulu Startup Weekend teams are hard at work!

After 27 fantastic pitches attendees came together around 8 ideas, which range across a broad spectrum–from a site that encourages civic engagement to one that recommends the best dishes at restaurants.  One thing that many of these startup ventures have in common, though, is a Hawaii focus.  Let’s hear it for local pride!

1. Heart My City – online/mobile system to help make cities better places and enhance civic engagement.

Patrick Kelly, Burt Lum & Jason Axelson


2. Project Rhymasaur – online organic rhyming dictionary software.

Katherine Ly, Cal Williams & Yoshi Sugawara


3. Sinful Edibles – local company providing erotic edible party favors and dessert arrangements for special occasions.

James Ramos, Joaquim Villarreal, Sherri Akana & Cherry Rivera


4. Kudos – crowd-sourced platform that highlights the best things to eat and drink and find deals for them.

Marcos Nobre, Emre Tuncbilek, ReChung Fujihara, Anthony Stanford, Kenneth Huang, Ivy Chuang, James Wang, Austen Ito & Ben Leoung (not pictured)


5. – website that helps facilitate health care choices.

Brant Wojack, Courtney Chung, Tim Heath, Ronda Day & Evan Nagel


6. Ohana Mala – gives socially-concious consumers a simple and fast way to find fresh local produce.

William Doom, Darius “Bubs” Monsef, Norman Tansey, Derek Gabriel & Jason Rushin


7. Cardio Panda – an online community for local activity enthusiasts and a platform for health and wellness entrepreneurs.

Brandon Shepard, Travis Ryan, Jonathan Aluise, Peter Justeson, Valerie Keonig, Dan Holley & Ryan Denniston


8. Organic Capital, Inc. – feeding the people and following your passion through local, ethical, vertical farming.

Michael Haralick